What is the procedure for making non-emergency type warranty requests?

Requests should be in writing and mailed to our office or emailed us at warranty@ZephyrHomes.com. Examples of such items are: sheetrock cracks, stuck doors, dripping faucets, running toilets, etc. To ensure proper documentation and processing of your requests, Construction Managers are not allowed to accept any warranty requests in the field.

When our Customer Care Department receives a written warranty request, a Customer Service work order will be issued and faxed to your Construction Manager. The Construction Manager will contact you within 24 hours to discuss and schedule the repairs. If you are not contacted within 24 hours, please call the Customer Care Department at (863) 465-6000.

To ensure proper processing and documentation, additional items cannot be added to an active work order. Should you find additional items in need of repair, please fax, mail, or email them to warranty@ZephyrHomes.com and a new work order will be issued.